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This title sequence was created for a theoretical movie adaptation of the book Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

This novel includes themes of unconventional beauty and unconditional love, as well as jealousy, violence and abuse. To encapsulate such a deeply vibrant, whilst twisted, novel I would like to use abstraction and focus on color as I believe focusing too much on specific imagery is unnecessary. I would like to highlight beauty In a more grotesque way. I am really inspired by lumen prints and other alternative photographic techniques used by artists that I follow, and I would like to create my own Lumen prints. Ideally with more time and resources I would use assets solely created by me, however as proof of concept, I would like to include some of my favorite prints done by other relevant artists.

First attempt (worst original attempt) Using an egg with two flowers. Flowers did not show; instead of blocking the light and creating a light shape on the paper, the chemicals in the egg sped up the process creating a dark imprint.

Other attempts using flowers and leaves

Lumen prints colour edited in post production

The print I created using an egg initially seemed to be the least successful, however after editing the images it actually turned out to be one of the more creative prints I had due to the texture of the paper and the cracking that the egg white produced.


Background audio chosen 

Font Choice

For this project I included and worked with other artist prints, including prints done by scientists many centuries ago. This inclusion enables me to explore other techniques in my work. As with the work of Harley Weir and George Rouy, larger scale materials would have been needed to truly study the human form in this way. Additionally, the use of dead animals within art requires legal permission to use—even if found. That is why I decided to include and manipulate other artists' work and merge it with my own experiments for this piece. 

Harley Weir & George Rouy

Bryan Christie

Bryan Christie

John Forbes

Jerry Burchfield

Hagihara Takuya

Lumen Experiments

Lumen Experiments

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