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Pretty Women is an expression of female sexuality and how someones perception of their own sexuality can change over time. I interviewed women about their experiences with how they view sex and their bodies now, after attending an art school in the Deep South of the US and how that relates to the environment they grew up in.

The interviews became nonchalant and sarcastic, making light of the extreme differences in the religious backgrounds they grew up in compared to the very liberal and sexually expressive art environment they are now a part of.

I used adobe audition and sound bites from the interview to create a backing track to the video. I experimented with processing my footage through an old tv and a video mixer to create intense patterns and color for aesthetic effect. I also used an old projector and camera to create liquid light projections which I played with in after effects to create more patterns.

Once the video was completed I projected the Final product on the outside walls of SCAD Museum of Art.

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