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Photography by Mary Claire McCoy

About Us


Sex Talk is a conceptual art project based out of the UK, to raise awareness about sexual education in a way young people can relate to. It aims to tackle topics like abortion, sexual misconduct, unwanted sexual attention and personal experiences while removing the stigma surrounding their discussion. The goal is to discuss sex education and its dark side in an acceptable, normalized and even lighthearted way, making the subject less taboo and more palatable.

Condom safe sex v3 copy.jpg


The project was founded as a passion project by Alia Ghazlan, a Sociology and International Development student studying at Sussex University. As the Creative Director, my job is to create visual content for our website and instagram, collate artists to collaborate with and promote the project in America where I currently study and reside. Our goal is to not only become a fundraising campaign, but to also become a platform for artists and writers to come together and create for a common cause. The project is currently in the beginning stages of its development but we have already caught the attention of many artists and writers interested in collaborating. 

My Work

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